Learn About Your Sponsorship

Eternal Hope Nepal & our US 501C3 (World Link Partners) is a small charity, we serve about 500 children in Nepal and are growing a few children each month as our resources increase. With an all volunteer administration and only a couple of  the funds go to teaching and helping the child. The IRS states that we have to list 5% for administration but such is rarely the case. Our goal is to grow to 200 students in 2018.

The director for Days for Girls Nepal resigned her post January of this year (2018) to work solely with E.H.N and to help this incredibly effective charity grow over the coming year 2018 on a volunteer basis. We are incredibly blessed to have Dr. Usha who has spoken at the United Nations Commission on the status of women in 2017 and is highly focused on bringing each child forward in Nepal.  Days for Girls continues to be a huge support for the girls and women of Eternal Hope Nepal.

The Children Served: E.H.N children are the poorest of the poor some known as the Dalit class or "untouchables". The caste system is still alive in Nepal but times are changing with education and the help from outsiders like yourselves in the country. These children are bright, beautiful and full of positivity ( some are shy). They can see the value of education as the way to break out of poverty. Most of their parents are illiterate (can't read or write) and subsist on just a few dollars a day. You can click "More" at the top of the page to learn about  the caste system.


Your Sponsored Child: You are encouraged-- but not required-- to interact with your sponsored child. To them you will be like a big sister ("Didi") or big brother ("Dai") or aunt or uncle.  They are eager to learn about you, your life, and are happy to share theirs. It is fully up to you to decide your level of involvement with the children. They are  grateful for anything you do for them. Remember that they may not be able to relate to everything in your life as many have no electricity, running water, or indoor toilets in their homes. Many cook over an open fire or burner.

What $20 really does for a child:

1- Will enroll them in school and provide Montessori or specialized mentoring/training to get them to grade level. This is done 6 days per week except for holidays.

2- Uniforms will be provided through a subsidy. We encourage the family to pay whatever they can so that they have ownership in their child's education. This may only be $1-$2 as they earn so little but NO CHILD GOES WITHOUT.

3- As we bring the children to grade level on par with other children over time we then place them into state sponsored/government school and then monitor their progress each day.  This helps alleviate tensions that may occur between the different castes and discrimination. The children feel protected by Eternal Hope Nepal staff and volunteers. We have many board members who are prominent in Nepal and we actively lobby ensure the welfare of each child so that the school officials many of whom are very supportive know we are partnering with them in education and resources and are actively concerned about the welfare of each and every child.

3a.- Provides mentor/evaluators who are in school and watch over the children. This way we can educate far more help than simply starting our own full time school that would be limited in size and number and locations. As most children are behind  when we bring them into the program at E.H.N. the public schools are not equipped to deal with this so the Montessori training is where much focus is given to lift them up to grade level and then we can partner with local resources to provide more help to a greater number of children over a diverse area as they reach grade level.

4- Periodic health and dental checkups throughout the year where we partner with the local medical schools, nurses and volunteer pediatricians and dentists to provide these services and medicine as needed.

5- Menstrual hygiene kits for menstruating girls. Up to 23% of girls drop out of school in India and Nepal when they start their period as they have no way to manage it. Eternal Hope Nepal has partnered with Days for Girls in order to care for each and every girl.

6- Snacks and food though it is mostly rice, beans, fruit and vegetables and occasionally candy. This varies among the children and families but we subsidize what is provided and try and stretch our budget as far as we can. Several sponsors on their own birthday or Christmas will send $50-100 which is enough to provide treats or dinner for all the students.

7- Regular visits to the families and training on the importance of education, hygiene, and overall cleanliness.

8- Classes on computers thanks to donations of computers and internet where the children can learn about the world and reach out to others.

9- Community classes and help for the families in finance, hygiene, and how to interact as a family along with other assorted classes and instructions designed to strengthen the family and promote the welfare of the children.

10- Additional assistance as we are able and as needed. With our sponsors and partner we delivered many quilts this winter to the neediest families.

What contact will I have?: Please follow Eternal Hope Nepal on Facebook and we will provide access to the sponsored child's file to you through Google Docs. This shared file will have photo's family history and updates about what they are learning and if they passed their exams. These are the same files we use for managing the information and interaction with the children.

We can set up Skype conferences but ask that this be on not more than a monthly basis due to staff resources.  For those interested in Mentoring we can as needed set up Skype classes to teach the teachers, volunteers, and students. English interaction with the students is very popular. Student interaction takes place on Saturday.

The E.H.N center has a video camera but we have fought with intermittent power supply and poor internet. We hope to stream online when the infrastructure improves.

With notice we can provide for an in country experience and have had volunteers teach the teachers how to be more effective. Teach dance, art, and other subjects. If you would like to participate hands on please let us know. We prefer that you be at least 18 unless accompanied or special care has been arranged with us.

Please contact us for any further requests.

Future Goals As We Are Growing:

1- Provide a dedicated center where children and family members can play and learn together in their off times. The E.H.N. classrooms are barely sufficient in size but we are looking for a suitable location and funding.

2- Provide micro loans to students that are older with business ideas or interests to teach them about business and how to get ahead. We have a number of US businessmen who are willing to teach and help and provide oversight of the projects.

3- Provide programming classes to graduates where they can learn online how to make a living in this field. Eternal Hope Nepal has a number of professors and instructors in the US working on distance education as well as in country internships for students from US and other Western universities.

Sponsor "Non-Specific" Child Here (we will apply it to a needy child for you). Specific children listed above with pictures.