Art & English

English is the language of business even in nepal and helping children learn English allows them to interact with our volunteers more freely and to be able to get jobs in the tourist industry or for financial institutions as all of them require English skills.

Safe Transportation to school

​Many of our children come from areas that are far away from the school where it is dangerous for them to travel through and they run the risk of being robbed for their books, clothes, or kidnapped and sold.


We provide economical transportation  that is safe and secure free of charge to these school children..

World Linking

Small groups of children learn how to type and use a keyboard for the six Chromebooks we have.  Even in the most rural areas Nepal now has limited internet but not the means to benefit from this technology.


Children learn to see a see a wider world full of wonder and hope that awaits them and interact with their sponsors as their English skills grow.


In time we hope to have more equipment available for more children to learn from.

Hunger Kills Learning..


Children can't focus when their belly hurts..

​Most children's parents don't have the money to provide lunch for their children as even allowing them to attend school takes away from the meager finances of their family.


For a few cents a day we can provide rice, beans, fruits & vegetables for hungry children they might not have at home.

Empowering Children!

​Encouragement, tools, and a chance are all that is needed for children to succeed.

Motivating young children to stay in school and progress beyond the level of their parents and peers in the slums is a true challenge but essential to breaking the poverty cycle.


Children often travel great distances, go to school hungry and tired and need your love and encouragement to continue learning..


Together we provide that love and support that will change the future one child at a time.!