Nothing changes your inside like looking outside..  Brad and Beth Dearden had such an amazing impact on our work here in Nepal.


In Beth's own words she relates an experience:


As we (me, Usha, and Brad) were walking through the slums (in Kathmandu) Usha made a statement that surprised me somewhat.  She said “I used to feel sorry for these people, but I don’t anymore.....because they are happy”. 

I was taken aback by that, and my thought was “if you think they are happy why are you working so hard to help them….and change them?”


I didn’t ask her, I plan to, and when I do I think her answer will be something like this: “Yes, the people are happy, but there is something missing in their lives; opportunity.  The opportunity for people to make the choices that affect their lives. The opportunity to have their children receive an education, the opportunity to take a wife struggling with birth complications to a doctor, the money to pay for medicines for a sick child, the opportunity to live anywhere you want, not have to live next to a river of sewage.” I think Usha feels that in an ideal world opportunity would be a basic right for all people.


One of Usha’s strengths is that she exhibits this in her life.  She doesn’t pity people or feel sorry for them.  She treats them with dignity.  She sees and brings out the best in every life she touches.  And she isn’t above rolling up her sleeves, and getting into the mud and sewer ridden slums to be a part of their lives.


Diane Morton- Canada


I visited Nepal January- March 2014 & was blessed to meet Eurshia Maharjan at church. We felt an instant connection of faith & action. It was not long before I accepted the invitation to go help her with the school she had established in Bharatpur for children who lived in the slums. I was grateful to attend daily with Tara Maharjan & quickly came to love these children. During the three weeks I was involved it became clear how dedicated these women were. Eurshia had also formed a dedicated group of volunteers who I enjoyed getting to know. There was never any doubt as to the commitment this team of individuals had for the service they gave. I was sad to leave but I remain grateful for this experience. Our conversations while together were directed towards the importance of living a life of passionate service as inspired by our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I was very pleased to hear not long after leaving Nepal that Eurshia had left the job she felt little passion for to work full time in her service toward helping women & children through starting Eternal Hope Nepal. I am certain she & her team will continue to bless the lives of many.






Holly Krupa was just 17 years old when she came to Chitwan in 2014 spending months working with the children side by side she made a deep impact on young lives as a role model for young women. She was amazing and loved by all the children! 


In her own words "Nepal was nothing like I expected it to be. I remember the first night I arrived that there were so many dogs everywhere, and everyone was driving like a mad man. I loved it. After a couple of days in Kathmandu, we travelled down to Chitwan. I had no idea what relationships I was about to make. Many of the children were hesitant to touch me at first because usually in Nepal they are looked down upon as they are from the slum. I couldn't believe it and made sure to give everyone a big squeeze! My first night meeting the children left me smiling and so excited for my 2 months ahead in Nepal. These children are mischievous, cheeky and full of spunk, but most of all, full of spirit. Never have I met children so ready to learn. I have so much love for each of them, and it's not rare for me to have a day when all I can think about is Nepal and going back to see my Nepali babies. If you ever have the chance to go and help with EHN, I would highly recommend it as it was the biggest learning experience and eye opener I've ever had and I flew home thinking about the next time I could come back. Holly Krupa


We welcome parents and students who are responsible, hard working, and want to learn about other cultures and ways of life while experiencing the cultural richness that Nepal has to offer.


We truly enjoy guest instructors willing to share their knowledge and skills with our children. We are always looking for people who are comfortable teaching from 5 to 50 children at a time in almost any subject they feel comfortable teaching about.