With help from World Link Partners and others working together with  EHN lives are changing in Chitwan Nepal. Eternal Hope Nepal is unique in that management fees are usually less than 5% as team members and volunteers donate their time and money to this project while working other jobs for their own maintenance. Many of our teachers have worked for free at great personal sacrifice when the money wasn't there showing their great commitment to and belief in this project and the ability to make lasting change for children.


EHN has been richly blessed by outside help from volunteers from around the world from all religions and walks of life who come together to teach, share their knowledge, and give of their time, energies, and resources changing the world one child at a time in one of the poorest countries in the world.


EHN has worked with Operation Underground Railroad to help with recovery of children helping in keeping them free from the ravages of  slavery and those who would oppress them by providing a safe place for them to grow and succeed in life.


"Educated children, busy in school with a future do not often become sex slaves..-Randall Wall Equity Charities"


"Service is the essence of devotion, the best cure for egoism. 

Do not believe that you can, by means of service reform or reshape the world.  You may or may not;

The value of service, it’s most visible result, is that it reforms you, reshapes you."


                                                       Indian Saint,  

Dr. Usha Maharjan gave up her job as a doctor and hospital administrator to found and support this important work with the help of close charity minded friends from work, family, savings, and the generous contributions of others living on just a few hundred dollars a month in order to devote her full energies and time to this work that she and the other founders believe in so passionately.


In 2015 Dr. Usha was appointed country director for Days for Girls and has been working tirelessly to help integrate women's health issues and education for women and children by providing school girls from EHN, public schools, the community, and their mothers with the knowledge and materials needed so that girls can attend school even while menstruating.


Under Nepal's ancient practice of Chhaupadi numerous women have been segregated to  a shed during their period in impoverished areas.  Recently Days for Girls, Dr. Usha and a film team for a Nat Geo project filmed this practice in a remote village where girls are sent to the animal shed during their periods as they have not materials or the knowledge to allow them to live normal lives during their period unable to attend school. Part of the EHN process to change or bring "social wisdom" out of the dark ages and improve lives with a bright future.


EHN tries to focus on the individual child by changing the face of current social wisdom to include the belief that what each child wants to achieve is truly dependent on their own efforts.  EHN shows them how to achieve their goals and dreams guiding children and their parents through education to break the cycle of poverty.


Focus is on giving hope to children, families and communities through education, example, and the principle of self sufficiency where teaching someone to fish is more important than just giving them fish..


Through interaction with successful men and women in Nepal and from abroad children see that boys, girls, men and women can be empowered and by respecting womanhood and working together both sexes can create a beautiful future full of hope. 


"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world---it’s probably the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Meade"

Sandy UT, USA

Chitwan, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal