Many dalit children will die before reaching 5 years old.

We go where nobody else wants to..

Are you looking for a small charity? One where you can really be hands on, really make a difference, and never worry about your hard earned donations going to pay for high salaries? 



This is it! Founded by a medical doctor and 8 friends from the teaching University in Chitwan Nepal where Buddhists, Christians, and  Hindus came together with the mission of helping slum children from mostly the Dalit caste break the cycle of poverty through education, mentoring, and interaction with mentor sponsors from around the world. All volunteers means no administrative overhead. All the money goes towards the children.


This amazing group of friends focused on the street children  DENIED EDUCATION, HEALTH  CARE AND OPPORTUNITY Because they were born into the wrong (untouchable)  caste in society.


Slum children who mainly pick through garbage, selling whatever they can find are locked into a life of poverty.   Poor, hungry, and uneducated they are easy prey for traffickers and abusers.  Click here to see a poor child's day in Nepal.


Eternal Hope Nepal get's children into school and keeps them there. EHN academy teachers are a strong advocate between the Dalit "un-touchable"  and poor community and the public education system. EHN provides teaching, uniforms, resources, and mentoring as well as health and nutritional supplementation.


Low caste children have been beaten by school teachers from higher castes just for asking a question, not having a uniform, and for being different. Eternal Hope Nepal has our own teachers and volunteers as part of the parent teacher organization and is a daily advocate for these street children.


Working closely with the families of students by making house to house visits, helping parents to make the sacrifices necessary to keep children inside the EHN sponsored school program, and focusing on the hope of education and a better life keeps their children off the streets.


Social discrimination hundreds of years old plays a significant role in keepingmillions of  people poor and marginalized in Nepal & India. Discrimination based on caste has been officially illegal in the country since 1962 but is still widespread. 


Education liberates  slum children.  With your help we can give Education-Micro Grants & Scholarships for further education at colleges and universities after high school fully integrating these bright young souls as joyful and productive members of a new society.



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